Tournament rules

Organiser: H.V. Jupiter ’76 Venue: Franeker

Dates : 20 and 21 april 2019

1. Regulations.
All matches shall be played in accor­dance with the rules of the International Handball Federa­tion (I.H.F.) and the regulations of the N.H.V.The above-mentioned tournament organiser has recei­ved the necessary permission to host the tournament from the N.H.V.

2. Refereeing.
All matches will be led by referees affili­ated to the N.H.V.

3. Team Leader.
Every team must be accompanied by a team leader over 18 years of age. The name, address and date of birth of this person must be listed on the team’s regist­ra­tion sheet. The team leader is res­ponsible for the conduct of the players, both within the sports com­plex and within other facili­ties avai­lable to the parti­cipants.

4. Age categories/dispensation. Categorieën/Dispensatie.
A. Players born on or after 01.01.2000

B. Players born on or after 01.01.2002

C. Players born on or after 01.01.2004

M. Men, open age

W. Ladies, open age

Duration of Play.
Prior to the start of the tournament, the team leader must submit a registration sheet containing the name, date of birth and team number of every player to the tourna­ment committee. All players must carry an official identity card which they should be able to show at any time.

5. Duration of Play.

All categories 1 x 25 min.

6. Placing – group matches.
The ranking will be decided by the number of points attained. The points will be awarded as follows: 2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 points for a loss. When teams are equal in points, the ranking will be decided by: 1. goal difference; 2. most goals scored; 3. results of the mutual match.

7. Finales
In the event of a draw, penalty throws will be taken in accordance with the rules of the I.H.F.

( 3 throws for each team, if still no decision, 1 throw for each team until decision).

If penalty throws are necessary in the category B and C junior, than these will be taken after the last games in all junior categories. In the programme on Sunday 5 minutes time is reserved for this.

8. Matches
For every match a maximum of 14 players, including sub­stitu­tes, can be li­sted.

The first mentioned team is responsible for a match ball and starts the game.

9. Shirts.
If prior to the match the referee is of the opinion the colours of the clubs are too similar, the club men­tioned first in the program­me will be obliged to play in shirts of a different colour.

10. Disciplinary measures.
When three players of one team have been given a yellow card, the next player of that team to make a similar foul will be given a two-minute pe­nal­ty. In case a player is given a red card or three two-minute penalties, the player is banned from the remainder of the game. The team in question will, in this case, play with one player less for 2 minutes. Depending on the nature of the foul, the head referee can decide to bar the player from the entire tournament. All reports of misconduct will be sent by the tour­nament organiser to the national handball associati­on which will forward these reports to the national associations con­cerned.

A team’s results will be rendered invalid in case:

– a team is late without a valid reason;

– a team uses an ineligible player;

– the referee decides to abandon a match due to miscon­duct of the players.

11. Protests.
Protests against decisions of referees are not accepted. All other protests must be submitted in writing by the team leader to the tournament commit­tee no later than 15 minutes after the match. The tourna­ment committee also decides on issues not mentio­ned in these tournament rules. The tournament committee’s decision is binding.

12. Schedule.
The tournament committee has the right to alter the competition schedule should unfo­reseen cir­cumstances occur.

13. Responsibility.
The participating teams are themsel­ves responsible for providing adequate insurance cover for their players. The tourna­ment organiser and Euro-Sport­ring are not liable for per­sonal harm or injuries to participants. Nor are they liable for loss or theft of possessions of participants.