On Friday all teams arrive in Franeker and after check in, they can go the accommodation where they will stay for 3 nights. After dinner the party goes on with the famouw “get each other to know” party in the canteen of the sports hall called “The Trije”.

The games start on Saturday morning at 08.00 hr. and are planned till ca. 19.00 hr. On Saturday evening there is a tropical party in the swimming pool of Franeker (called Bloemketerp) for the youngest youth (B and C players). The other participants can discover the several bars and pubs in Franeker.

On Sunday the placing games will be played and of course the spectacular finals will be the finish of this great tournament. And last but not least the traditional price winning festival with a fantastic light and music show will close 2 days of sportive activities. The good bye party will be helThe good bye party will be held in the sport canteen De Trije, The good bye party will be held in the sport canteen De Trije, Start is straight after the prize festival and with a buffet diner, brassband ‘de Útlopers‘ and a DJ for good music. This will be a great end of a wonderful weekend in Franeker.

Friday afternoon Arrival and check in
evening Opening party for all participants with drive-in show in the sports hall De Trije
Saturday all day Tournament – poule games
evening U15-U17 and G15-G17 (B- en C-youth): Tropical party in swimming pool Bloemketerp
Sunday all day Tournament – qualification games and finals
Tournament – qualification games and finals
afternoon Price winning festival
evening Good bye party in sport canteen ‘de Trije’
Monday morning Departure